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December 29, 2010


December 28, 2010
There's a million of them…

Nick Cage Rage

December 28, 2010

Sweet & Sour

December 27, 2010

THIS is both awesome and a sad comment on what things have come to.

Annual Repost

December 25, 2010


December 23, 2010

It’s Christmas In Heaven

December 22, 2010

Graham Chapman always reminded me of a cross between Bert Convy & Mike Brady in this bit.

You probably already know this, but Jane Leeves from "Frasier" is one of the dancers…


December 22, 2010

Heartbreaker…Heartbreaker…Heart………..With A Purple Umbrella & A Fifty Cent Hat….

December 20, 2010

About the only time you don’t hear “Living Loving Maid” immediately after “Heartbreaker” is when you’re playing an iPod on shuffle.

But I never hear the word “abject” without being immediately followed by the word “poverty”.  

Same goes with the word “gainfully”.  It too is a useless, shit-word.  It’s only purpose is to precede the word “employed”.

**edit**  After posting, I waited with abject fear that someone would point out other common uses of “abject”, which Schzzz did in a message to me, relaying the fact that he used the term “abject failure” just last week.  The true failure is that he chose to use “abject” over “utter”.

“Abject”, “utter”, he’s just a woman.


December 20, 2010