Enjoy The Show

Each month at work we receive a new DVD for the "preshows", a 20 minute loop of slides/ads that run prior to the films.

We make something like $0.35 for each paid admit for showing the preshow.

I end up seeing parts of the preshows about 3500 times every month.  I find them to be lame.  Lame, annoying and dull.

I decided to make a sample of the kind of preshow you'd see if I were in charge of things….


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2 Responses to “Enjoy The Show”

  1. Bill_Brill Says:

    That is H-I-F’ing awesome! The only answer I got right was Sarah Jessica Parker. Even blurred, her image is so recognizable.

  2. Captain Anonymous Says:

    I wish we could have played this back at Showcase 6…. ahh the good ol’ days

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