i Will Never Be An iDiot

You know me….Google and Android all the way.

I am not a fan of Apple.  Yes, I respect their innovations, particularly the iPod, but otherwise the arrogance and blind ignorance that I associate with them puts me right off.  

"Hello, I'm an Apple"

"And I'm a PC and go fuck yourself."

"But…Apple computers are great for creating graphics and stuff!"

"Who are you, Bob Pixar?  Suck it."

Everyone thinks they're a computer animator.  You're not.  You're a nerd.  And a goof.


This latest fuckjob Apple's found themselves in with regards to their piece of shit iPhone 4, what with it's whole "not working right" thing, has really got me smiling.  I love Steve Job's damage control, too.  First he tells his customers that it's their fault (sounds like something I would do), then offers free cases, the value of which are probably < $1.00.

Apple is such a behemoth that I'm sure nothing can sink them, least of all this latest snafu, but any bad press for them makes my day.  (especially since I am Team Android, in case I didn't mention)

Here's a great vid that illustrates Apple-heads' herd-like mentality…

* full disclosure: One of my friends, Allison P. posted this on her f-book today, so props to her!

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One Response to “i Will Never Be An iDiot”

  1. TATESKI Says:

    This is awesome.

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