Everyone knows God is white, but did you also know that it's all bullshit?

This world is doomed if people keep it up with their imaginary sacred ghosts.

I know this is not a shockingly revelatory thought, but I do have a reasonable idea that should be put into place immediately and would do a world of good:

Start taxing religious organizations.  Right now.

I realize this isn't a groundbreaking idea either, but what is the g.d. hold-up?  

Let's put the legalization of pot, the gay-marriage issue and O Canada's misogynist lyrics on hold for a minute and get this more important thing out of the way.

That's the first thing I'm going to do when I become Prime Minister.  My platform is going to be: "All religious organizations are to be taxed.  Scratch that,  double-taxed."  Then in my second term, I'll start phasing out the right to religious freedom.

Then I am going to take a fraction of the money collected from the Ghost Tax and create a 24 hour channel that runs an endless loop of naked people.  Non-stop shots of boobs and bums and caulk and cooze, with a scrolling banner that says:  "Sex is awesome & good for the soul".

Who's with me?

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