So…Kevin Smith Just Bought Himself A Private Jet


There’s only one seat, just for him (triple-wide).  The rest is all kitchen.  

There is also a specially designed toilet, with a heavy spring-coil enhanced, anti-crush seat (triple wide).

And a bidet.  (pictured)


He was going to have it equipped to drop bombs, but instead they’re just going to toss DVD copies of his movies out the windows.  (Hey-ohhhhh!)

One more thing:  Kevin Smith is fat.

*Kevin Smith is lame, hence this fitting lame post.

** Also, “fitting” is what he has trouble with….into clothes, airplane seats, etc.

*** “Mallrats”?  More like “MallFATS”!

**** “Chasing Amy”?  More like “Chasing Anything for a Even a Few Paces Exhauts Me Because I Am a Fat Pig”.

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