Here Tonight Show, Gone Tomorrow

This whole ConanLeno bullshit is really making me itch.

Back when I was young, I was a massive Letterman fan.  When he got passed over for the Tonight Show in favour of Leno, I was glued to the ensuing bruhaha for months.  I saw Carson's final show live.  I saw Jay's first show live.  I bought every magazine featuring Letterman and the whole story.  I saw Letterman's final NBC show and first CBS show live.  I saw Conan's first Late Nite show live.  I bought Bill Carter's "The Late Shift", a thorough telling of the whole sordid tale, as soon as it came out.  I've read it 5 times.  I've seen the silly tv-movie made of the book a few times.  (shit, I even watched the first Chevy Chase show…live).

This new shitstorm that's going on just makes the old LettermanLeno deal pale in comparison.  This whole deal totally blows my mind;  I almost cannot believe it's going on.  

I am fascinated, but also very angry.

Anyway, yesterday I made a post on the AST alt-comedy message board in the "Conan" thread (which has exploded with commentary this week) that said: "I wish Bill Hicks were around to comment on this shit".

Bill Hicks iswas (he's dead) my favorite comedian.  He was solid.

He started doing stand-up when he was 15 years old.  Jay Leno is (was) a master stand-up and was looked up to by young comedians…all those years ago (I'm talking early '80s here).  Jay became a sort of mentor to Bill and they even became close friends.  

That all changed after Jay took over the Tonight Show.

One of my favorite Bill Hicks bits has always been the one where he talks about Jay and his "new" Tonight Show.

Here is a clip of Howard Stern (a major Leno hater) playing the bit in question a little while back on his radio show).  Sorry the clip is just a pic of Howard set to the audio….I was going to just upload the piece from the CD, but I enjoy the fact that Stern is involved too.


One Response to “Here Tonight Show, Gone Tomorrow”

  1. Bob Carver Says:

    This is awesome. I feel his anger.

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