Learn Something New Everyday

I was instant-messaging with the wife just now when I used an expression that I haven’t used since I was in elementary school:

HER: “We’ve got a mouse in our lunchroom here at work!!

ME:  “Yeah well, you think that’s scary, wait till I hang a rat at you tonight!”

(this was meant to imply, in a humourous manner, that I intended to do a little dangle-waggle in her direction.


I looked up the phrase HERE and it seems that, as kids are wont to do, I didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about.

postscript:  the funny thing is, she went right along with me, thinking it meant the same thing that I did.  I just forwarded the link to her and suffice to say:  she thinks I am some sort of weirdo.  (we’ve been together too long for me to try and convince her that I’m just German…)

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