My Fat Back Baby

You are my sexy Fat Back Baby.
So hot for you.  I don’t mean maybe.
I love your big ripe melons, not the ones on the front.
I love your back-tits, your cankles and your cavernous gunt.

Your front is an A-cup, but mmmmm baby, turn ’round…
Awwwww yeah, there’s that sweet double-D mound.
I love to push them together into one huge pile
And suck on them hard as we do it dog-style.

Thin girls repulse me, with their sleek shoulder blades.
I love me some back-fat, which you have in spades.
I don’t want you to get thin, don’t want you to diet.
I want your rear-jugs thick; want you to cake & pie-it.

I hope I’m not being sickening or overly corny
But you’re a fat piece of shit, and it makes me horny.
Some think your kind grody, or at the worst, slobs.
But I’ll never trade you in.  Or your fabulous hind-knobs.




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