I’ve had this album for a while called “Celebrities…At Their Worst!”.  It’s a collection of outtakes and bloopers and whoopsie-doos of celebrities, mainly when they’re freaking out or giving someone shit or being sublimely rude.  (if you’d like a copy, send me a message)

Anyhow, one of my favorite bits on the album has always been the William Shatner thing. After the original “Star Trek” TV series went off the air in 1969, they made a cartoon version in the early 70’s which was voiced by the cast of the TV show.

The outtake in question takes place during the recording of the audio of that cartoon.  Shatner is reciting various lines and at one point the director (or whoever) stops him and asks him to correct his pronunciation of a particular word.  Shatner disagrees….

William Shatner by Nick Bougas
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Now, I’ve been listening to this clip for years.  But thanks to Youtube, one can see that at least Shatner is consistent.

For example, look at THIS.  

And then….HERE.

What a guy.

But all this makes me wonder if, because of all this, that THIS was done on purpose…


And because of that…here’s something related (but not really related)

related but unrelated.mp3
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2 Responses to “Sabo-tahge”

  1. Dave Says:

    I would like a copy, I’m sending you a message.

  2. Velveteen Ballsac Says:

    Which Dave is this? Hammertown Dave?

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