Saw Stone Temple Pilots last night…


…at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton.  

They're one of my all-time faves and I had never seen them live before, so it was a great pleasure.  Great job by Jay Shizz: he was the man with the plan and the wherewithal to grab the tickets for all of us (floors!  great vantage point!).  And thanks to Paul "Bear" Bearant for driving my ass there; that was sweet, as it allowed me to drink some 6 pints, some Sambuca and some tequila.  Delicious.

I just bought a little handheld HD camcorder yesterday (cheap job from W-Mart) and brought it to the show .  It does a pretty good job….in well-wit places.  Dark concert places, not so much.  Also, I believe I kept putting my finger over the little microphone-hole….but regardless, the sheer power of the rock was too much for the mic anyway.  So, the footage I took is shaky, dim and has shit sound.  But here's some o.k. video taken by other dudes from the same show.  (one's a cool montage)

PS: Gotta love that they ended the show with "Grandma's Candy" too

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