Bat Man

I was going through some old files on an old hard-drive and came across these recordings I made of a couple amusing voicemails a few years ago.  

Backstory:  The person who left these messages (I've altered the recording to disguise the voice and thereby protect identity, *wink* ) was house-sitting, and had just played host to myself and a couple of the other guys that night…we were watching the NHL playoffs.  He left these messages a short while after we had all left….

Bat message 1.mp3
Listen on Posterous

Bat message 2.mp3
Listen on Posterous

2 Responses to “Bat Man”

  1. Bill_Brill Says:

    I once read that men who are afraid of bats are often highly intelligent and viewed as the most desirable to women. Especially when they can trap it and release it safely while completely drunk.This guy sounds like a champion.

  2. Velveteen Ballsac Says:

    I can see why you think so: this is the case in our alternate universe, where all is topsy-turvy. Whereas “desirable to women” applies there, in our real-reality, they are just repulsed.

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