H1N1 can suck it. I think the whole thing is a load.

I am of the opinion that the whole H1N1 thing is just a big, fat whoop-dee-doo (i.e. turd pile joke / blown out of proportion stink-dump).

I don’t believe the hype.

I’m not going to get vaccinated.

I’m not scared.

This guy here said pretty much everything I wanted to say about the topic, and much more eloquently than I could have (he did not need to use words like “dog-links of lies” or “buncha bullshit”) 

Hey, here’s a graph (that you can zoom in on).

Now, don’t get me started on that whole moon-landing brown-tail of a tale….

*edit*  I’m not saying it’s not a worry for little, little kids or old, old people or sick persons.  Just that most people shouldn’t go ape about it. 

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