“Balloon Boy’s” dad: hoax exposed, shits pants

We all know about the “Balloon Boy” who apparently was hiding out in the attic the whole time while everyone lost their minds…

Now, everyone is questioning whether the whole episode was actually just a publicity stunt:  when appearing on CNN, the boy was asked why he didn’t come out when he heard everyone calling him.  He replied: “um…you guys said…we did this for the show.”

His dad, sold down the river on national TV by his son, does the only thing you can do in a situation like that:  say “Man…”

…then shits his pants.

The ass doesn’t lie.

Listen on Posterous


(check the video starting around 22 seconds in)



One Response to ““Balloon Boy’s” dad: hoax exposed, shits pants”

  1. TATER Says:

    Toast! Toast! Toast!

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