My Son: Comic Book Entrepreneur


My 10 year old kid is quite the artistic type.  He’s always keeping himself busy drawing or painting or writing stories.  Recently he came up with a great idea: create his own comic books and sell them to friends and relatives for a buck each, with the goal of raising enough scratch so he can buy a PS3.  He talked me into taking some issues of various titles to work with me and photocopying a bunch.  His mommy took a bunch of copies to her work and sold some to her co-workers who thought the whole thing was eversocute.  I pretended to sell some to my co-workers…I just gave him $5.

Anyway, the kid has some kind of imagination.  He’s created a whole line of different characters and titles, among them: “Mr. Legs” (comedic), “Power Emeralds” (action) and “Army Men” (also action).

I really dig his latest one.  Frankly, I think the kid totally rips off my sense of humor and I’m really going to have to have a talk with him re: finding one’s own voice…

Check it…


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