Joker Catchprases That Didn’t Make It


Heath Leger’s “Why So Serious?” will probably go down as one of the classic movie lines of all time.  But it took a while for Chris Nolan et al. to come up with it.  They had the general idea of what they wanted, but spent the better part of two years picking the perfect line.

Those that were considered:

  • “Seriously??”
  • “You can’t be serious!”
  • “You’re joking…”
  • “You must be joking!”
  • “Cereal?”
  • “How come so glum, chum?”
  • “Lemme give you a clown-frown upside-down”
  • “Serious.”
  • “No no…I’m totally serious.”
  • “Sorry so sloppy.”
  • “Ssssssssee ya!”
  • “Phhhhhhht.”
  • “Stars and garters!”
  • “Oh dear, this is serious.”
  • “Just joking.”
  • “Batman’s a fag.”

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