Read a Book

This world has gone dum!  With all the advancements in technology, like the inter-net (world web), the iphonepod-players and CD music and the like, people around the world have become more stupid than ever before in history!  Nobody uses they’re God-given brains anymore because they let computers and such do all there thinking for them!

Alot of the time I think to myself that the world would be a whole lot better if people just took the time to read a book now and again. (and I don’t mean the same book over and over again neither!)  Reading is a skill, and skills require brain-work, and giving the brain a good workout from time to time is good for everyone, especially the person with the brain!

But no, people today think reading is an old-timey, stupid thing to do.  Well I’ll tell you what is stupid, boys with earrings!  And not just in there ears anymore!  For crying out loud, maybe if these kids read a book once in a while they would be too busy to put poker chips in their earlobes like some kind of African woman!
I could go on for probably a good long while about all this, but the I’ll just end it with:  read a book.  Start with the Bible.

Merle Bird


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