An apology…

To the family seated in the booth behind my family at Swiss Chalet the other night:

Hi. I just want to apologize for my behaviour the other night; my wife informs me that I was out of line.

In retrospect, I suppose it was not too cool of me to use the “fuck” word in front of your 2 year-old. I should have said: “Get the FUDGE out of my face” instead.

It seems I am alone in my belief that allowing your repugnant, troll-like offspring to hang over the back of your neighbouring booth is ignorant and rude.

You seemed shocked that I used such strong language in front of my own children. You may have noticed that they barely reacted; you see, they have heard such talk from me from an early age…specifically, whenever I’d say something like: “Sit the fuck down and stop bothering those people!!” whenever we were at a restaurant.

Anyhow, sorry again for squiting lemon juice into your toddler’s eyes…he was already crying anyway.

In future, we’ll just be sure to sit at a table instead.

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