Speak English Good

I have an voice-recognition program on my Blackberry (“vlingo”) that allows you to simply speak into the device rather than type things out. You can say something like: “Google image search, woman’s bare bum”, or “compose email to Rob, subject: you’re gay, body: seriously, you’re gay”, or “Facebook status update: “Facebook is gay”…..stuff like that.

It works well for short, basic transcribing. But I have noticed that even with slow, well-enunciated speech, it will still come up with incorrect words half of the time.

For shits ‘n wiggles, I decided to sing “O Canada” (in the spirit of Dominion Day yesterday) and see how vlingo made out. Here’s what it thought I said:

o canada
home and native land
true patriots love in all my sons command
blowing hard we see the rise
to true north strong and free
from foreign michael canada we stand on guard for the
god keeper land
or free open other
we stand on guard for the
whole canada we stand on guard for the

I’m proud to be Canadian and all…but I’ll pass on the blowing hard and seeing thee rise.


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