Byrne’n Down The House


So… “Bill Brill” Aretee & I went to see David Byrne this week. Byrne is the lead singer of Talking Heads, the influential “new wave” band of the 70’s and 80’s. Talking Heads is my all-time favorite band. (RT’s is Krokus…but he likes T.H. too).

Anyway, the concert was in Canandaigua, N.Y. This necessitated that we both had to get passports, as the new passports-only rule for travel to the States had taken effect one day before the show. Canandaigua is about 250 kms from where we live (about 2.5 hr drive), but we figured it would be worth it.
Well, it was worth it, as the show was awesome and we had a great time both before and after.

Here is a little video that sums things up….but first a few notes:

  • no, we didn’t see Ani DiFranco. We waited until she was done
  • the video segments of the concert are not sharp. I know. I just included them to a) show the T. Heads tunes he did and b) the audio is pretty sharp…can you name all of the songs included in the montage?
  • Byrne had what can only be described as “interpretive-dancers” as part of the show. One looked like Pippin Took to me. They were mildly annoying.
  • I had seen Byrne in concert once before in 1992 at Massey Hall in Toronto, where he did an amazing 5 encores. This time, he only did 3.
  • You may not be able to make it out, but Byrne, et al. are wearing tutus during the last song on the video
  • recently, RT was telling me about being out drinking with some work pals when one said to him: “Man, you get loud when you’re drunk, huh?”. I have been painfully aware of this for years myself. A demonstration of this phenomenon can be observed as RT tells us how “I Zimbra” is his favorite (he’s being sarcastic…on the way to the show he mentioned that he hoped Byrne wouldn’t play it because it’s RT’s least favorite)…and during the opening part of “Air”


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