In my description I say that I am a “Motion Picture Exhibition Facility Engineer”, which is just my smart-ass way of saying that I run movie theatres. I’ve been working in cinemas for over 20 years now, and my most recent stint was running a cozy little 6-plex that was almost 30 years old. I was there for 8 years before my company sold the property and closed it last month.

It was a good run and I will really miss it. It’s guaranteed to remain my all-time favorite.

I took pictures as all the company property was stripped out of the place over the course of a couple of weeks and put this video together.

Regarding the tunage: yeah yeah, it’s sappy. But the hell with that! It seemed appropriate and to tell the truth, the stupid song always chokes me up a little bit. So there you are: I’m a pussy.



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