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Ah, what the hell….here’s this:

The short story-> There’s this guy that used to be one of our gang, but the problem is/was…he’s fucking insane. And he got progressively so over the years. His insanity manifested itself in the form of non-stop espousing of retarded conspiracy theories (i.e. the Illuminati, Masons, UFOs, etc.) I’ve personally heard him say the word “pyramids” more times that I have blinked.

We first met him when we were around 19 years old and at the time he was a funny guy and likable enough but not exactly what I like to call “smart”. He was certainly not on par with the rest of our collective elevated intelligence. This was obvious, and his low I.Q. was a constant source of amusement for us. (read: laughing at as often as with).

(he was also the least attractive out of all of us. By a long-shot. That amused us also.)

Anyhow, once we all became ganja enthusiasts on an almost professional level, his irritation-factor increased dramatically; it seems that it’s not wise to smoke dope if you have a scarce amount of brain cells to begin with. In short order he went from weird and mildly annoying to fucking crazy and hateful. He was banished from our tribe on no less than 3 occasions….each time we relented and let him back into the fold. But finally he was cast out for good, not long after this recording was made….

Recording Backstory: with no real feasible future ahead of him, one day he announced with some certainty that he was going to become a stand-up comedian. (truth be told, he could be a funny guy, in the elastic-body, rubberband Jim Carrey sense…but it was obvious that his aforementioned stupidity would be a big problem when it came to actually constructing a routine of any sort). He began going to Yuk Yuk’s comedy club on amateur nights to watch the other brave souls and build up his nerve. He kept telling us he was going to do it….and we all schadenfreude-istically wrung our hands in anticipation of the inevitable failure.

And what a spectacular failure it was.

Fortunately for mankind, Tater, PaulBear and Schzzz were present at the event when it finally happened and bore witness to the (predicted) travesty that occurred. Even more fortunate was that Tater was wise enough to bring his tape recorder along to preserve the Hindenburg-esque spectacle…and the rest is hilarious history.

The way it ends could not have gone any better (for us)!

Perhaps the other guys care to comment to add further perspective…?

PS: The genius in question is pictured second in the video I posted here.

PPS: Trust me, that IS the short story.


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