Sweet Marion

So anyway…. A few years ago my pals were watching something on tv that conveyed the interesting factoid that Neil Diamond apparently wrote the song “Heartlight” after being inspired from seeing the film “E.T. the Extra Terrestrial”. Bill Brill then made a joke out of it by recording the song “Cherry, Cherry” and changing it to “Sharkey, Sharkey”….the joke being that Neil Diamond writes songs based on Steven Spielberg movies. (“Sharkey, Sharkey” contained some immortal lyrics such as: “Shark’s got the way to goo me”.) Anyway, I jumped on the jokewagon and recorded my own tune: “Sweet Caroline”, made to be all about “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, and changed it to “Sweet Marion”. Almost a year later, I decided to take stills from the DVD and put together a powerpoint presentation to go with the song….so that’s what THIS IS . Now, upon viewing this you’ll probably be wondering why I didn’t pursue my singing career. Suffice to say, I decided instead to spend my time finding funny pictures on the internet to regurgitate on my blog. PS: there was one more tune in the Neil/Spielberg canon: Bill Brill attempted a version of “Coming to America/Close Encounters” that remains unfinished.


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