Very Weird…

As I was taking the last of the stuff out of the theatre today (as it has closed for good), I grabbed a couple of things for myself. One of these things was an old poster-case; a big wooden one. These kind stopped being used in the early 80’s (the theatre opened in ‘81).

Anyway, the thing weighs like 60 lbs. and after I hoofed it downstairs from it’s previous resting place at the back of my stockroom, I noticed that there was a poster in it. I hadn’t noticed before because the poster was stapled to the backboard on the inside, and it had the backside facing out…which was just all white.

I pulled the edge of the poster aside so I could see what film it was for and was surprised to see that it was for this movie.

The reason I found this WEIRD was because: this was the very film that was playing (along with “The Running Man”) on my very first shift at the 2-plex where I began my illustrious career back in 1987.


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