Sayings That I Hate #2

My buddy Bill Brill sent me this link…it’s a list by Oxford University of “most annoying phrases”.  BB was quick to point out that he had “called” the #1 most annoying phrase (“At the end of the day…”)  as one that he himself can’t stand, during a conversation a few weeks prior.

I agree with the entire list, with the exception of #7 because: I am guilty of saying that all the time!  I’d say #2,3  & 4 get my goat the most, and most often.
You may recall that I made a post a while back about my least favourite sayings/expressions/phrases (here).  So I guess now is a good time for Part Deux…

Sayings That I Hate #2

  • The biggest offenders when it comes to annoying expressions are the business types; junior-executive boobs who think they are something special when, in fact, they are just another foul arsehole.  They are the ones who usually use the now-cringeworthy paradigm(and how they’re shifting it).  “Ordinarily, I crap my pants on a daily basis but lately I’ve shifted the paradigm and leave my pants off and merely shit my legs!”
  • These jerk-o’s are the same kind of people that are always pointing out how something “speaks to…” something else, rather than just saying: “demonstrates” or “example”.  “My recurring posts about annoying sayings really speaks to my hatred of the people who use them.”
  • My bad!” This just really is.  Bad.
  • Ouchy Like “stinky”, cutesy-ing up a word that is meant to convey something offensive.  ”Some guy went loco on the Greyhound in Alberta and gave some other guy an ouchy all around his neck.”
  • Sloppy Seconds Nothing funny about this.  Totally disgusting.
  • Been there, done that” Well, go back there and “do” the dictionary and look up “cliché”.
  • Git ‘er done!”/”Given’er” Yeah, yeah…get back in your trail’er.
  • “w00t” You would have thought they’d come up with something worse than “LOL!” ?
  • “Fleeep” Who needs it?
  • “Your grandma’s diet really cuts the catfish!” Can you believe this is still around?  It’s the 21st century for crying out loud!
  • “We’re out of milk” What?  I have to go to the store again??
  • “Who cares!?  Eartha Kitt cares!” Yet another mindless phrase overused by the business-types.

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