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November 23, 2008








November 22, 2008

Sayings That I Hate #2

November 19, 2008

My buddy Bill Brill sent me this link…it’s a list by Oxford University of “most annoying phrases”.  BB was quick to point out that he had “called” the #1 most annoying phrase (“At the end of the day…”)  as one that he himself can’t stand, during a conversation a few weeks prior.

I agree with the entire list, with the exception of #7 because: I am guilty of saying that all the time!  I’d say #2,3  & 4 get my goat the most, and most often.
You may recall that I made a post a while back about my least favourite sayings/expressions/phrases (here).  So I guess now is a good time for Part Deux…

Sayings That I Hate #2

  • The biggest offenders when it comes to annoying expressions are the business types; junior-executive boobs who think they are something special when, in fact, they are just another foul arsehole.  They are the ones who usually use the now-cringeworthy paradigm(and how they’re shifting it).  “Ordinarily, I crap my pants on a daily basis but lately I’ve shifted the paradigm and leave my pants off and merely shit my legs!”
  • These jerk-o’s are the same kind of people that are always pointing out how something “speaks to…” something else, rather than just saying: “demonstrates” or “example”.  “My recurring posts about annoying sayings really speaks to my hatred of the people who use them.”
  • My bad!” This just really is.  Bad.
  • Ouchy Like “stinky”, cutesy-ing up a word that is meant to convey something offensive.  ”Some guy went loco on the Greyhound in Alberta and gave some other guy an ouchy all around his neck.”
  • Sloppy Seconds Nothing funny about this.  Totally disgusting.
  • Been there, done that” Well, go back there and “do” the dictionary and look up “cliché”.
  • Git ‘er done!”/”Given’er” Yeah, yeah…get back in your trail’er.
  • “w00t” You would have thought they’d come up with something worse than “LOL!” ?
  • “Fleeep” Who needs it?
  • “Your grandma’s diet really cuts the catfish!” Can you believe this is still around?  It’s the 21st century for crying out loud!
  • “We’re out of milk” What?  I have to go to the store again??
  • “Who cares!?  Eartha Kitt cares!” Yet another mindless phrase overused by the business-types.


November 17, 2008

“As evidence, she cites the work of an Oxfordshire doctor who examined the underpants of local men and found fecal contamination in nearly all of them.”

A quote from an article in the Toronto Star, 11-16-08. Almost makes palatable. I’m sure those who enjoy their morning paper with breakfast were appreciative. And I’m sure the Oxfordshire doctor loves his life.


November 17, 2008


FDR could have been killed, one way or another…
(Note: “None of the bullets his FDR…” ?. This typo, plus the inclusion of the farting factoid, are just a couple of example of why sucks)


November 13, 2008


Wow…you learn something new everyday!

November 10, 2008


For reasons known only to me, I looked up Rob Schneider on Wikipedia today.

This quote jumped out at me:

“Schneider was hired at Saturday Night Live in 1988, and was the first Asian-American to be a cast member on the show.”

That’s right…..Asian-American.  His grandmother was a Filipina!  You didn’t know that, did you?  Me neither!

It’s the thought that counts

November 9, 2008

Perhaps you always have a hard time finding the perfect gift for the special someone in your life? Well look no further!


November 6, 2008


Well I for one never knew Roger Ebert had such a lovely singing voice.


November 6, 2008