John Browser Browseman

I grabbed the new Google Chrome browser the day it was released. It’s pretty simple and seems quick…faster than my Firefox (which I love. Firefox, that is) It’s got an ‘incognito mode’ like the ‘porno mode’ in the new IE8 and uses tabs in an interesting way…

Anyhow, the big disappointment is the lack of plugins, like FF has, especially AdBlockPlus.

So, after experiementing with it for a couple of days, I ended up going back to Firefox.

But now, just a few weeks later, it seems that nerds around the world have been busy developing and releasing their own custom-built plugins to work with Chrome the way they do with Firefox. The other day I read up on and then implemented the work-around for blocking ads with Chrome just like AdBlock and it works like a charm.

So now I am converting to Chrome and giving Firefox a rest.

I recommend it…check it out. Don’t be a fag, just try it.



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