Just spent a week at the cottage…

I am back after a week’s vacation with Vicki & the boys up at the cottage.

We spent some time on Sauble Beach and I realized 3 indisputable facts:

1.  Fat people loooooove the beach.

2.  90% of females now sport a tattoo.

3.  Most of the time, whoever is tossing around that football/frisbee/beach ball is an asshole with no regard for other people’s private space.  (“Hey, there’s a whole empty acre of space over there to play catch…..nah, let’s just toss it here among all the people on towels…to hell with them if we miss and hit them!”)

Here are some pictures….

First, I saw this kid riding his bike and just had to snap a picture of him.   I saw him around town a couple more times and became obsessed with his head.   I find it to be….really round.




I also took a picture of this woman.

Now, before you call me MEAN….let me point out that I only took the picture because she was the skinniest woman I had seen in an hour…


I was THIS CLOSE to walking up to this woman as she frolicked with her kids near our camp to say:  “WHY BOTHER?!”


First picture is a road-sign.  The second picture is of what was on the road behind it.



This was taken in a flea market-y / “junk” store in Wiarton (‘Wiarton Emporium’).  Patrick plays his Nintendo DS pretty much constantly and gets so engrossed in it.  This was not posed.


And this….this is just pretty, right?


While looking for board games at the cottage I came across some old school-work of mine.  I found this piece fascinating…from my Business class in grade 10 (1987!).  We had to pick an article about business tools or something…check out the crazy futuristic crap I was talking about!


We were browsing this old used-book store in the middle of nowhere when I spied my hero on an old (1981) magazine, so I had to pick it up!


It’s pretty interesting since it was just when “Stripes” was released…still years before “Ghostbusters”…so he was only a big star at the time, not a mega-star quite yet.

The magazine is also interesting just for the old ads and stuff.  The movies reviewed in this issue are “Escape From New York” (which is panned…the headline is: “John Carpenter’s Escape to nowhere”) and “For Your Eyes Only”, which also gets a bad review.

The bands with the top 10 albums on the ‘Top 100 Album Chart’ are:

1. The Moody Blues  2. Kim Carnes  3. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers  4. REO Speedwagon  5. Phil Collins  6. Santana  7. Styx  8. Billy Squier  9. Kenny Rogers  10. Rush


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