Pooh-Man Inspires

So, Schultz emailed out a Canoe.ca link of ‘Worst Album Covers’  (http://jam.canoe.ca/Microgalleries/Worst_album_covers/?&pic=0).  There are several hilarious ones, and one of my favourites was this:


I liked that one so much I made it my MSN Messenger display pic.

I had a conversation on Messenger with Constable later and we both were affected by P-M:  here is our back-and-forth repartee…

DAVE: pooh-man likes the chocolatey chunks

ME: Pooh-Man likes it fresh

DAVE: pooh man likes it strong

ME: Pooh-Man has a low threshold for rude behaviour

DAVE: pooh-man never leaves the seat up

ME: The thing about Pooh-Man: he eats it

DAVE: pooh-man is a regular kind of guy

ME: Pooh-Man is a neat-freak

DAVE: pooh-man liked the new Indiana Jones movie

ME: Pooh-Man is an archbishop

DAVE: pooh-man had it comin’

ME: Pooh-Man detests tardiness

DAVE: pooh-man says EAT yellow snow

ME: Pooh-Man is constipated

DAVE: pooh-man is complicated

ME: Pooh-Man worked hard for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

DAVE: pooh-man doesn’t quit

ME: Pooh-Man is terrified of spiders

DAVE: pooh-man has a trouser snake

ME: Pooh-Man’s record label got his album cover wrong, because he is supposed to be “Hoop-Man”…he loves basketball

DAVE: pooh-man loves paul simon

ME: Pooh-Man says: “No relaxation without representation”

DAVE: pooh man is upbeat about the future


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